smoothies, anyone?

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I'm Gaby.
I've moved to Earth from another planet.
here's my face | my wannabe art | and my music

one time in high school i wore a dress with a cardigan over to school and i only had one class that day because there was testing that i didn’t have to do so as i was walking to class i took my cardigan off because i live in fucking florida and it was hot so that i wouldn’t be sweaty and gross when i walked into class and then i could put my cardigan on when i was back in the a/c (my hs was separate buildings and what not) and the lady that monitored the halls made me go to internal suspension instead of just asking me to put my cardigan on (which was in my hands btw) the guy in internal suspension thought it was the stupidest thing ever for me to miss my ONE AP class that i had that day because my cardigan was in my hands instead of covering my oh so slutty shoulders while i walked to class in 95 degree weather so he told me to go to class and on my way there she was like WHERE DO U THINK UR GOIN YUNG LADii and i was like he told me to go back to my ap class and she was like OH NO and walked me back to internal suspension and he accidentally referred to her as miss and she flipped out on him and was like IT’S MRS. like she was showing off that someone would want to be with her crinkly hateful soul for a lifetime and what not. it’s so funny how someone can waste their life caring about whose shoulders are covered and whose aren’t and whose thighs are showing the most like literally they hire people to watch the bodies of high schoolers and enforce body negativity through our forced education. who cares?????????? i hope she’s christian so if she tries to go to heaven after she dies god will be like l o l nope you didn’t let gaby go to her AP class that one time and gaby is my work of art so bye felicia 

friendly reminder: john stamos is so hot 

Just spent like 3 hours editing a video on a program I’ve never used before and actually completed my project. Whaaaaaaaat.

"this state is a toilet." -j’s thoughts on florida