smoothies, anyone?

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I'm Gaby.
I've moved to Earth from another planet.
here's my face | my wannabe art | and my music

Lol @ people trying to be feminists by emphasizing how modest they are……..

Speaking of police, some asshole cop barged into my apartment with the asshole that works in the office and an unidentified person (turned out it was someone in training) without even letting my roommate open the freaking door for them and without showing her documentation or notifying us at all and wouldn’t tell us what was going on. They kept questioning my roommate who was by herself about some person that we don’t know that is missing or hiding or being held hostage. I honestly don’t know or care what the situation was because we were never told in full. Turns out they got the wrong apartment so they barged into our apartment and searched our rooms for no reason. They had the wrong room number which leads me to believe that if this was taken so lightly that police go around just barging into the wrong people’s houses all the time, not telling them what’s going on and not showing them any legit paperwork. My roommates went to the office to ask why that happened and the guy was laughing as if it’s a joke that they didn’t warn us or at least wait for us to open the door. Illegal as fuck. I’ve met plenty of nice cops so fuck the ones like this that ruin their image for everyone else. If my roommate wasn’t home we would have never known that anyone broke into our apartment without our permission and searched our rooms without our permission. I’m sooo glad that they’re training people to invade people’s privacy without documentation and make stupid mistakes in investigation. So I guess we’re going to try to see what we can do because this is not okay.

Am I the only one who feels like an imaginary gold star sticker is given to them when a cop passes without pulling you over? 4 cops just passed and I’m just like wow I’m such a good citizen right now omg but it’s mostly because I’m going 0 mph in traffic =]]] (first cop was while I wasn’t in stand still traffic tho)

I’m 800% done with life =]]]]]]