smoothies, anyone?

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I'm Gaby.
I've moved to Earth from another planet.
here's my face | my wannabe art | and my music

Living life in a constant yet fluctuating state of discomfort.

That’s a good one. I should have said it. I think I’m so in shock every time it happens that I blank out and don’t know what to do.

No! But it could get me in more trouble than I’m looking for. I would love to retaliate physically but feel like it could backfire.

I find it sad that I can’t go out with being purposely touched by men who don’t know me. I don’t understand what or who you think you are but it’s disgusting. If you’re a person that does this to people you don’t know, you’re disgusting. The worst part about it is that they only stop or don’t touch you if you have a boyfriend with you. Because they’re more respectful to ~*him*~ by not touching you while he’s there. I don’t even know the appropriate response to disgusting people that do this. If anyone has any ideas please send them my way.